White Rose Stories is a blog run by a teenage bookworm under the pseudonym Rose White.

Rose lives on a wine farm, somewhere in the peaceful countryside, in South Africa and can always be found with her nose between the pages of a book and/or with her loving puppy, Zorba. In her free time, she likes to write reviews for some of her favourite books as well as capture them in pictures to share with her friends, followers and the rest of the bookstagram community on Instagram.

She started this blog as an outlet to share her thoughts on the books she’s reading and loving, stories she wants to tell, and many other things. With a recently-discovered interest in films and television series, she decided to start sharing her thoughts on here as well, for those interested.

She likes to keep things interesting by reading a bit of every genre but her great love will always be poetry and fantasy. According to her, there’s nothing better than snuggling under a soft blanket with her puppy on a cold and rainy afternoon, reading a good book and drinking coffee.

A few fun things about her include her: love for animals, obsession with roses, fascination with literature and various fictional worlds, amateur talent for photography and writing, as well as extreme introverted personality.

She only discovered her love for reading a few years ago and has become an avid reader ever since.

Make sure to follow this blog to read all about her thoughts, recommendations, book news, reviews, and more.