Candlelight Book Club – March 2022 Read

I am so excited to be taking part in the Candlelight Book Club again. It has been a while since I joined the book club and so, I am hoping to read the book pick for the month and discuss it with some amazing bookworms.

To join or find out more about the Candlelight Book Club, be sure to check out Ann’s bookstagram (@booksinjupiter), the book club’s Instagram (@candlelightbookclub) and Discord (here).

🕯 One For My Enemy by Olivie Blake

G O O D R E A D S  |  S Y N O P S I S

In New York City where we lay our scene, two rival witch families fight to maintain control of their respective criminal ventures. On one side of the conflict are the Antonova sisters, each one beautiful, cunning, and ruthless, and their mother, the elusive supplier of premium intoxicants known only as Baba Yaga. On the other side, the influential Fedorov brothers serve their father, the crime boss known as Koschei the Deathless, whose community extortion ventures dominate the shadows of magical Manhattan.

After twelve years of tenuous coexistence, a change in one family’s interests causes a rift in the existing stalemate. When bad blood brings both families to the precipice of disaster, fate intervenes with a chance encounter, and in the aftershocks of a resurrected conflict, everyone must choose a side. As each of the siblings struggles to stake their claim, fraying loyalties threaten to rot each side from the inside out.

If, that is, the enmity between empires doesn’t destroy them first.

Keep reading and never stop tellings stories.

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