BLOG TOUR | FAVOURITE QUOTES & MOOD BOARD: Crowning Soul by Sahira Javaid

TITLE: Crowning Soul
SERIES: Heart of Noorenia #1
AUTHOR: Sahira Javaid
PAGE COUNT: 635 pages
PUBLICATION DATE: 8 September 2020
GENRE: Young Adult & Fantasy

SYNOPSIS: Be swept away in this unique fantasy debut from Sahira Javaid. A spellbinding adventure of belonging, finding hope and where the price of a soul is another soul’s fate. Perfect for fans of InuYasha, Children of Blood and Bone and The Candle and The Flame.

Nezha Zaman considers her gift to control fire a dangerous secret. A secret that unravels when she encounters a vengeful shadow jinni in a maze garden that has been stalking her family, and knows about her power. Weeks after seeing the demonic being, Nezha is torn from her world through her backyard pond and transported to another dimension which sought out the light inside her heart.

Nezha learns from two unicorns that the dimension is her family’s roots, and the light is a fragment of an angel’s shattered soul. The three must work together to find the soul’s shards in a land teeming with shape-shifting jinn. If Nezha fails to stop the corrupted Iron Prince, the malevolent jinn at his side will shatter her soul next. 

Many thank yous to Qamar Blog Tours for letting me take part in this blog tour!


Resurrect the dance
of life inside my heart
breathe love through the part of me that wants to unravel,
let it spool out like sunlight
make the threads glow bright
for I will endure the fight
I wage against my very soul
for this compass needs a role.

Fear is the oppressor and truth is light. Fear might dress as a leader, but love is a mightier guide.

But her smile was a weapon, a tool, a bandage, spreading across her face with versatility.

You have a crowning soul … A bright will paired with a noble heart.

She’d make it, she would. She always did.

She’d keep moving in this strange and dangerous world, even when the fire engulfed her.

Walking a path of flowers through her life would make her happy.

When she was a child, she carried boxes of blooming flowers to their shop, and sunk her fingers into the coolness of the soil. Every flower taught her how to withstand and make her path. Through the chill of fear, or the burning of anger, damp days filled with tears or dry days of a barren mind, they taught her never to give up. That even in the most inhospitable land, life found a way to fight its way in.

Sahira Javaid is a YA Fantasy writer and poetess from Ottawa who shares her poems on her Twitter page and her website. Fond of animals, nature and learning, she passes time with reading about the world around her, nature’s healing ways, chatting with friends and making others smile and laugh every time she gets. Her poetry book Crack of Dawn is available on Amazon and other online retailers.


Keep reading and never stop telling stories.

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