This is the first month in many in which I have not bought any physical books. I do have to say, it is definitely refreshing as it made me pay more attention to the ones I already own and it helped me save a few rand. In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I wanted to buy less physical books to help the planet a bit by using less paper, to save up more money and to read the ones I already own (because I have very little space left to put new ones).

I only bought three books, or rather graphic novels, this month. But without further ado, let us look at what I bought.

After seeing everyone talk about how much they love these graphic novels by Alice Oseman, I knew I needed to see what the hype was all about. I have not read many graphic novels in the past but after binging these three, I decided to read them more frequently. 

I shall talk a bit more about the volumes in my monthly wrap up (and maybe in a review later on) but all I am going to say now is that I really loved and enjoyed them. They were such cute and light reads that they helped me a bit with overcoming my reading slump. I highly recommend you check them out!

That is all for this month! Before I go, I quickly want to talk about a very popular and highly-anticipated event for South African bookworms that is taking place next month. Not only is the 21st of March Human Rights Day in SA, but it is also the first Bargain Books Warehouse Sale of the year!

Honestly, there is no better sale than this one. With two warehouses full of books at extremely low prices (from R60—R100 per book), you are bound to find many books that you have been wanting to tick off your wish list.

I am hoping that if everything goes according to plan, I shall get to attend the sale. I went in March last year and bought so, so many books (60 in total). I laugh every time I think about it. My taste in books have changed significantly over the past two years and the genres I am most interested in checking out at the sale are: classics, fantasy, a bit of YA and a bit of non-fiction.

For more information regarding the Bargain Books sale, check out their Instagram page here.

Keep on reading and never stop telling stories.

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