Ever since I finished my exams in November, I have been in a reading slump. I have not been able to focus whenever I opened a book. A sentence was read over and over but I just could not concentrate and that lead to avoiding books.

So, this month, I took bit of a break and watched movies and series I have been wanting to get to instead. I always used to just read but I think immersing myself in something other than reading will help prevent a burnout in the future.


Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I watched the Harry Potter movies for the first time in the middle of last year and have been wanting to binge all the movies of my favourite actors who played in them. The two main actors I am currently focusing on are Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson.

I honestly did not expect to love this movie as much as I did. It was one of the rare times where I watched the movie before I read the book. I can honestly say that it has me itching to binge all Jane Austen’s books as well. The actors played their parts so well and the antagonists were so convincingly portrayed that you could not help but feel irritated by them.

My favourite characters were Colonel Brandon and Elinor Dashwood. Out of all the characters, I found myself identifying with her most. I found the others a bit too dramatic for my liking but after all, it is a drama & romance.  

Die Hard (1988)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This one is a classic and I really enjoyed it. I am not a huge fan of action films but it had me hooked until the end. I loved the bits of comedy that lightened the atmosphere and John McClane (Bruce Willis) had me chuckling throughout the movie.

When I hear about the best film villains of all time, Hans Gruber’s name is always mentioned and I can absolutely see why. I think Alan Rickman played the part so well.

The Imitation Game (2014)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It has been a while since I saw a film that moved me. The Imitation Game had me tearing up more times than I could count and near the end, it had me sobbing. I think this is something everyone should watch. I was just scrolling through Netflix one afternoon, completely bored with no idea what to watch, when I came across it. I did not even read the summary. I just hit play. It was as if it was calling to me in a way.

I am so, so happy I watched it. This film taught me about an important part of history that I never even knew about. I am no historian, nor do I know much about politics but this is a film that can learn us all something, I think. 

I also loved Keira Knightley, Benedict Cumberbatch and Matthew Goode in this film. I think they only brought the story even more to life. Personally, I think this was one of the most beautifully heartbreaking movies I have ever seen and my heart goes out to the main character, Alan. The struggles he faced broke my heart.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I honestly cannot believe I have not watched this sooner. It was a film I really enjoyed and it had me laughing at times. Both John and Jane are characters who I found extremely amusing as neither backs down when it comes to winning and being the best, no matter what.

I have also slowly been binging Angelina Jolie movies because I am a huge fan. From the films I have seen her act in, I think she is an amazing actress. I loved her in Maleficent, Salt and The Tourist as she always has this classy and unyielding personality that I just love.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I watched the movie bit by bit after each chapter I finished in the book. I think it was the best way for me to visualise the world and to help put a face to each of the main characters. I found the book a bit difficult to get into but it became easier as the story went on.

When this post is up, I still have to finish the movie because I have a few chapters left of the book but so far, I would say it is really good. One thing I do have to mention, though, is that if you have not read the book before (or during) the movie, things will not make much sense. I recommend reading the book to give you more insight, otherwise I do not think you will enjoy it as much.  


Gilmore Girls (S3:E15—S4:E6)

December has been the month for starting new series and I am so unbelievably happy I started watching this show. It was one I did not know I needed to watch until I started the first episode. Gilmore Girls seems to be an all-time favourite in the bookish community because everyone is always talking about it and as it is currently winter in most countries, everyone is binging it.

I simply could not wait to start it until it is autumn/winter here, so I decided to start it one afternoon and have been obsessed with it ever since. This series is the perfect thing to watch whenever you want to relax or need comfort. The characters have a way of becoming your friends and the setting is just a place you wish to visit.

However, I do have to say that I loved the previous episodes a bit more. I found myself getting quite irritated by Lorelai and Rory because of their choices regarding relationships and the feud between Lorelai and Emily is getting a bit old but I love this series and will watch until the end of the story.

Friends (S1:E11—S1:E24)

This series is one of the most talked-about ones of all time. To be quite honest with you, I did not understand the hype after watching an episode here and there on television throughout the years. I finally gave it a real chance last month and after the first few episodes, I started enjoying it more and more by the minute until, now, I absolutely love it to the point where I can understand the hype. The characters are hilarious and I love them all, but I do have to say that Monica and Chandler are my favourites.

It is the perfect show to watch whenever you feel down as it has a way of making you feel back to normal after just one episode. My love for this show got to the point where my family bought me a Friends set of pyjamas and a mug with the “Central Perk” logo on it for Christmas. It is a big, black mug that exactly like the ones they use in the series and I am honestly obsessed with it.

Good Witch (S1:E1—S2:E6)

Honestly, I cannot describe how much I love this series. It is one that I have to force myself to stop. This series, to me, is so unbelievably calming. January has  been a stressful month because of everything that needed to be done and after putting on just one episode, I felt so much calmer.

Cassie Nightingale is such a wonderful character. With her soft and caring personality, she is one of the most likeable characters ever. I look most forward to her quotes of wisdom and advice and I find myself always writing them down as the episode goes on. This series is perfect for those who are looking for something calming to watch with a pinch of drama.

The thing I am most bummed about is that the series has seven movies that builds up the story before the series on Netflix and I cannot find them anywhere. Crossing fingers that I get to watch them someday.

The Witcher (S1:E1)

This series exploded when it was released. Intrigued, I watched the first episode and it was really good. To be honest, it is not something I will be watching more of soon because, at the moment, I like to watch something calming. That is just the way I relax.

I would describe The Witcher as something similar to Game of Thrones (even though I have not ever watched it and I do not know much about it). The books are definitely on my list as I think I would enjoy reading the story more.

[Disclaimers: The photos used in the blog post’s graphic are from Pinterest and the movie covers used are from Google.]

Keep on reading and never stop telling stories.

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